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care care recovery A demonstration of the atmospheric re-entry flight of the proto crew module developed for the Human Spaceflight Programme was successfully carried as part of the experimental flight of LVM3 on December 18, 2014. This was used as a platform for testing the atmospheric re-entry technologies envisaged for crew module and also for validating the performance of end to end parachute based deceleration system. In CARE mission the crew module got separated from the launch vehicle at an altitude of 126 km and re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere at an altitude of 80 km and further descended in the ballistic mode. Three axis control was provided for damping out the rates and for ensuring zero degree angle of attack during re-entry.

The crew module made a safe splash down at the predicted impact point about 600 km away from Port Blair approximately 1243 s after lift-off. Subsequently the module was recovered by Indian Coast Guard and brought to Ennore port Chennai on Dec 21, 2014.



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